Our Story

While our appreciation for a good coffee has been a staple part of our lives for decades, the real passion started back in 2020. From getting lost in the art of pourover as others obsessed over sourdough, to perfecting our home espresso experience, we have become consumed by the world of coffee.

In the last year or so, we started our families and everything changed with the birth of our first kiddos. Safe to say, they had an overwhelming effect on how we value what we do in our lives. We needed coffee to get through the good times and a LOT of coffee to get through the tough times. Along the way we realized that coffee doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to taste delicious.

With that came Bug & Moo Coffee Co. a nod to the two wonderful terrors that remind us every day that life is precious and to do as much as you can to ‘fill your cup’. We roast our beans to bring out the best in them. bursting with flavour, easy to enjoy and flexible for any brew method.

We love coffee… nearly as much as our kids