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New Day

New Day

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Say hello to New Day.

We’ve all been there; where the fatigue from the sleepless nights is palpable, and your mind and body are in a perpetual state of fog. The only thing that will kick you into gear is a bold, yet comforting cup of coffee.

We took the foundations of what a great Colombian roast tastes like and captured the essence of a fresh start, a New Day.

We hand-picked this particular Colombian bean to produce a great mouth feel when you sip, and an immediate reaction to the chocolately and caramel notes, and just when you think it’s all over, get hit with hints of fruitiness in red apple - the distinct aftertaste that Colombian beans are known for.

New Day is a fan favorite as an espresso and is especially great with milk-based drinks, but it can be enjoyed just as much in any form e.g. Pourover, French press, Aeropress, etc

Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, and Red Apple

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